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Project Partners

This ambitious project requires a collaborative effort among several entities who provide funding and guidance for project implementation.

The Project Partners have formed a Project Management Committee composed of voting, non-voting, and advisory members.

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The Project Partners for University Lakes are...

Voting Members:

State of Louisiana

  • Jay Dardenne, Commissioner of Administration

  • Mark Moses, Assistant Commissioner, Director, Office of Facility Planning & Control

  • Shawn Wilson, Secretary, Department of Transportation & Development



  • Donna Torres, Interim EVP/CFO (effective 11/15/20)

  • Scott Woodward, Athletic Director



  • Sharon Weston Broome, Mayor-President

  • Fred Raiford, Director, Department of Transportation & Drainage



  • Corey Wilson, Superintendent

  • Reed Richard, Assistant Superintendent of Planning


Non-Voting Members:

LSU Real Estate & Facilities Foundation:


  • Rob Stuart, Chairman & Project Management Committee Chair


  • Gary Graphia, Director & Project Management Committee Vice Chair 

Baton Rouge Area Foundation:


  • John Spain, Executive Vice President

Community Representatives:


  • Carolyn Moore


  • George Bayhi



  • Pat Forbes, Director, Louisiana Office of Community Development

  • Rick McGimsey, Executive Counsel, Louisiana Division of Administration


  • Patrick Martin*, Assistant Vice President for Real Estate, Public Partnerships, and Compliance, LSU


  • Carlton (Trey) Jones, Deputy General Counsel, LSU


  • Tracy Morganti, LSU External Counsel


  • Robert Abbott, East Baton Rouge Assistant Parish Attorney


  • Leu Anne Greco*, VP/General Counsel, LSU Foundation & LSU REFF Secretary

* Leu Anne Greco and Patrick Martin manage the day-to-day activities of the project with the consultant team. 

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