Project Timeline

Tasks included in Phase One of the work entail an 18-month timeframe which is split in half, beginning with nine months of due diligence and design followed by an additional nine months of project implementation through the Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) process.

  • Late 2020 – Procure the Due Diligence and Design Professionals

  • Winter 2020/21 – Begin Due Diligence work and Procure Flood Risk Reduction Professionals

  • Spring 2021 – Complete Due Diligence and initiate Schematic Design process

  • Summer 2021 – Refine Schematic Design and Procure Construction Manager At Risk Contractor

  • Late 2021 – Begin Construction to Deepen and Reshape City Park, Erie, Campus and College Lakes

Master Design Process

Public meetings and opportunities for feedback and engagement will occur throughout the project. The initial nine-month design process, led by Sasaki, is organized into three stages or “chapters”:

  • Chapter 1 – Listening and Learning: The project team will engage with project stakeholders and the public to identify issues and to hear concerns and ideas.

  • Chapter 2 – Design Dreaming: The project team will again engage with the public and stakeholders to prioritize wants and needs, and to begin refining designs set forth in the 2016 Master Plan. The result will be “15% design” drawings.

  • Chapter 3 – Plan Ownership: A third wave of public and stakeholder engagement will be conducted to review and refine the draft schematic design, and to encourage buy-in of constituents with a focus on social equity. The result will be “30% design” drawings.

Following Schematic Design, the Master Designer in coordination with the Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) will refine the 30% design through 60%, 90% and finally 100% construction document and specification sets. Construction will occur as funding is available.