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Project Timeline

Tasks included in Phase One of the work entail due diligence and design followed by project implementation through the Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) process.

  • Late 2020 – Procure the Due Diligence and Design Professionals

  • Winter 2020/21 – Begin Due Diligence work and Procure Flood Risk Reduction Professionals

  • Spring 2021 – Complete Due Diligence and initiate Schematic Design process

  • Summer 2021 - Winter 2021/22 – Refine Schematic Design and Procure Construction Manager At Risk Contractor

  • Summer 2022 – Begin Construction to Deepen and Reshape Lakes

Public meetings and opportunities for feedback and engagement occurred throughout 2021. The initial nine-month design process, led by Sasaki, included:

  • Chapter 1 – Listening and Learning: The project team engaged with project stakeholders and the public to identify issues and to hear concerns and ideas.

  • Chapter 2 – Design Dreaming: The project team again engaged with the public and stakeholders to prioritize wants and needs, and to begin refining designs set forth in the 2016 Master Plan. The result: “15% design” drawings.

  • Chapter 3 – Plan Detail: In-depth review and refinement of the draft schematic design occurred to assure the feasibility of the designs. The result: “30% design” drawings.

Following Schematic Design, the Master Designer in coordination with the Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) will refine the 30% design through 60%, 90% and finally 100% construction document and specification sets. Construction will begin on Phase 1 of the University Lakes Project in Summer 2022.

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