Reimagine the Lakes 

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Exciting changes are coming to the University Lakes System. A partnership between LSU and state and local partners is working to create a more sustainable lakes system through ambitious environmental restoration that will also add tremendous recreational value for all people of Baton Rouge.

Bring Forward the Vision

In 2016 the Baton Rouge Area Foundation sponsored a master planning process that set forth an ambitious vision for the University Lakes system. The current planning and design work will engage residents from near and far to define the detailed design to implement the vision set forth by the master plan. This process includes detailed field investigations of the lake's bottom and surrounding area, schematic design plans for the entire lakes systems and construction documentation that will ultimately be used for the the first phase of improvements to the Lake's natural systems and the recreational amenities that surround it.

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Artist Rendering, Does Not Indicate Final Plans

What's In Phase 1?

Based on currently obtained funding, Phase 1 construction will focus on dredging City Park Lake, Lake Erie, Campus Lake and College Lake and reshaping the shoreline to provide a more ecologically rich environment. Additionally, a network of trails will be established around City Park Lake and Campus Lake to make the use of the lakes safer and more comfortable for all people.


As additional funding becomes available the remaining lakes will be redesigned and additional recreational amenities will be built along the length of the lake's edges and surrounding park spaces.


Participate in the Process

We will be seeking feedback from the public throughout the entire design process to ensure that what we build is what you want! Please see the website for updates on the design process and click "Participate" to join in the conversation.

Our Lakes Fest! - Sunday afternoon event

 Sunday, August 8th |  12-6 pm 
  • In-Person events

    • Milford Womack Memorial Park on Stanford Drive

      • Featuring special arts and sciences exhibits​

    • City-Brooks Park at Dalrymple Drive and Perkins Road

      • Featuring paddlesports and recreation exhibits​

Public Open House Round #1 -  Listening & Learning Phase

 Monday, June 14th |  6 - 7:30 pm 
  • In-Person event

    • BREC’s Baton Rouge Gallery in City Park

  • Virtual Event - Registration via Zoom


*The same information will be presented whether in-person or online.

View Meeting Summary and Exhibits

  • 6/31/21 | Red Stick Farmers Market, Downtown Baton Rouge

*Events are weather permitting.

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