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Conceptual Images

Overall Concept

Overall concept plan for the University Lakes project


New Trails

New safe biking, walking and running trails border the East Lake Shore edges providing opportunities for safe and comfortable transportation for walkers, runners, and bikers as well as quiet contemplative areas for experiencing the restored ecological habitat.


New Board


A new board walk over University Lake bypasses a narrowed section of Stanford Avenue creating a much safer connection for people to circulate around the lake while offering expansive views

to the west.


New Connection

A new connection between City Park Lake and University Lake allows for water  and recreational access under May Street Bridge. The new bridge design elegantly connects the adjacent bodies of land while protecting existing trees. The new alignment of the road will create safer and more comfortable conditions for cars, walkers, and bikers.

New-UL-May St-0219 copy.jpg

A Proposed

A proposed boardwalk from McKinley High School over Crest Lake provides a new access point to the Lakes for a community node that has been cut off from the lakes for decades.


Phase 1

Phase 1 will include May Street Bridge, new sidewalks, new bike paths, lighting and signage and wayfinding elements.

Phase 1 overlays-01.jpg

Phase 1 Diagram

The diagram illustrates phase 1 projects.

LSU Lakes Phase 1 Diagram.jpeg
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