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University Lakes Project Moving Forward With Phase 1 Construction


June 02, 2023

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has issued a permit approving work for the University Lakes Project, which will restore and revitalize the lakes near LSU. Pending final signature on the permit, construction on Phase 1 work is expected in mid to late June.

The University Lakes Project is reimagining the existing lakes system near LSU as a sustainable ecological jewel that increases water quality and offers habitats for both aquatic and land-based animals. It aims to elevate the lakes system into an unmatched recreational amenity, offering safe and comfortable routes for walkers, runners and cyclists, as well as spaces for gathering and enjoying the outdoors.

Phase 1 construction efforts will include the initiation of flood risk reduction efforts by dredging City Park and Erie Lakes while expanding the footprint of the LSU Bird Sanctuary in University Lake. Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc., the project’s Construction Manager at Risk, will lead this work as part of its one-year, $17 million contract to execute Phase 1. Work is anticipated to align with the following timeline:

  • Month 1: Staging areas will be set up, equipment will be mobilized and a containment area will be created near the LSU Bird Sanctuary to receive the dredge material.

  • Months 2-6: Stump removal and dredging will occur in City Park Lake, with dredge sediment pumped to the containment area.

  • Months 7-9: Stump removal and dredging will occur in Erie Lake.

  • Months 10-12: Demobilization of the site will occur.

Additional elements of Phase 1, pending upcoming bid packages, include interim landscaping of the Advance Work island near Stanford Avenue; improvement of the weir in University Lake at Stanford Avenue; improvements to the May Street connection; and interim landscaping along the revitalized shorelines of City Park Lake and Erie Lake (following dredging).

The project is informed by the collaborative advance work of Sevenson; the project master designer, Sasaki Associates, Inc.; and the flood risk reduction designer, Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Sevenson, Sasaki and Stantec jointly finalized design and developed costing for Phase 1, which prioritizes flood risk reduction and water quality improvements. Phase 1 is fully funded; future phases are contingent on future funding.

The coalition that was formed to restore the lakes includes the State of Louisiana, the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge, BREC, LSU and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. The University Lakes Project is being implemented by University Lakes, LLC, which was established by the LSU Real Estate and Facilities Foundation, an affiliate of the LSU Foundation.

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